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Plan Management - Set Up Costs | 14_033_0127_8_3

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NDIS support item 14_033_0127_8_3 is a one-off (per plan) fee for setting up the financial management arrangements. 14_033_0127_8_3 support item allow participants to engage a Plan Manager to manage and monitor budgets over the course of the plan, manage NDIS claims and pay providers for delivered service, maintain records and produce regular (at least monthly) statements showing the financial position of the plan.

A plan manager can only claim for the support item 14_033_0127_8_3 (Plan Management – Set Up Costs) once in respect of each plan. Auto-extended plans are not new plans – they have the same plan number. Plan managers are not entitled to make another claim for this support item from a plan when it is auto-extended.

Plan managers can also claim a monthly fee for the ongoing maintenance of
the financial management arrangements. 

Service Details:

Plan Management - Set Up Costs | 14_033_0127_8_3 encompasses the initial steps in establishing NDIS plan management. It covers costs of setting up accounts and the necessary administrative groundwork for financial intermediation of an NDIS plan. Support item 14_033_0127_8_3 facilitates the enrolment process, ensuring transparency and efficiency from the outset.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from a streamlined approach to funding management, allowing them to access supports without direct financial involvement. 14_033_0127_8_3 establishes a foundation for sustained self-management, enhancing the participant's capacity to utilise their funds optimally. Moreover, 14_033_0127_8_3 relieves administrative stress, leading to better focus on achieving personal goals.

Impact Statement:

NDIS support item 14_033_0127_8_3 significantly reduces initial administrative barriers, empowering participants through professional financial stewardship of their NDIS plans.

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Plan Management - Set Up Costs | 14_033_0127_8_3