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Plan Management - Monthly Fee | 14_034_0127_8_3

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NDIS support item 14_034_0127_8_3 is a monthly fee for the ongoing maintenance of the financial management arrangements. 14_034_0127_8_3 provides administrative support for NDIS participants managing their funding, enhancing plan flexibility and financial control.

Plan managers can also claim for set up costs that is a one-off (per plan) fee for setting up the financial management arrangements.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item 14_034_0127_8_3 encompasses comprehensive financial administrative assistance. It includes the management of invoicing, payment processing, and the preparation of monthly statements for participants. By selecting this service, participants can offload the complex task of tracking their NDIS plan budgets to a dedicated Plan Manager, ensuring efficient and accurate management of their funds. 14_034_0127_8_3 relieves the stress of paperwork, allowing them to focus more on achieving their goals.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries gain expert guidance and tailored financial advice, ensuring their budgets align with personal objectives. 14_034_0127_8_3 proactive support empowers participants by fostering independence in the use of their funds while ensuring compliance with NDIS regulations. There's an emphasis on maximising plan potential to reach individual aspirations.

Impact Statement:

Effective Plan Management through 14_034_0127_8_3 translates to enhanced choice and control for participants, leading to improved financial stewardship and peace of mind.

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Plan Management - Monthly Fee | 14_034_0127_8_3