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Wheeled Walker - Standard | 05_120606096_0105_1_2

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Enhance mobility and independence with a Standard Wheeled Walker under NDIS.

Service Details:

The Standard Wheeled Walker, an NDIS-funded support, caters to individuals requiring assistance with mobility. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it typically features a sturdy frame with wheels, handbrakes, and sometimes a built-in seat. This aid is customisable to users’ height and comfort, ensuring safety and improving mobility.

Participant Outcomes:

With the Wheeled Walker, participants experience increased physical support, resulting in improved stability and stamina during movement. It promotes confidence in ambulation and diminishes the risk of falls. Users sustain higher levels of individual activity and participation in community life, leading to a more autonomous lifestyle.

Impact Statement:

The provision of the Standard Wheeled Walker markedly improves participants' quality of life by fostering independence and ensuring safe, secure mobility within their environments.

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Wheeled Walker - Standard | 05_120606096_0105_1_2