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Wheeled base - paediatric - height adaptable for seating | 05_122707931_0105_1_2

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The NDIS support item enhances mobility for children with seating challenges.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item caters to paediatric populations requiring adaptive seating solutions. The wheeled base is engineered to be height adaptable, ensuring compatibility with various growth stages and specific seating systems. Precisely designed for ease of use, it facilitates seamless movement while providing a sturdy foundation for specialised seating apparatuses.

Participant Outcomes:

By utilising this adaptable wheeled base, participants experience improved accessibility and independence in daily activities. It promotes participant engagement with their environment and encourages participation in social and educational settings. Moreover, it assists in maintaining proper posture, which is crucial for physical development and preventing secondary conditions.

Impact Statement:

This support item significantly enhances the quality of life for children with disabilities, fostering autonomy and active participation within their communities.

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Wheeled base - paediatric - height adaptable for seating | 05_122707931_0105_1_2