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Wheelchair - Powered Base - Portable/Folding | 05_122306824_0105_1_2

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Providing autonomy through innovation, this NDIS support item offers a portable and foldable powered wheelchair base.

Service Details:

The Wheelchair - Powered Base - Portable/Folding is tailor-made for ease of transportation and storage, with its lightweight frame and intuitive collapsing mechanism. It accommodates diverse user mobility needs and is equipped with user-friendly controls that ensure simplicity in operation. The support item is designed for individuals requiring assistance with mobility, aiming to enhance independence within different environments.

Participant Outcomes:

Users experience significant enhancements in personal mobility and freedom. The wheelchair's adaptability allows for seamless integration into daily routines, facilitating participation in community and social activities. It improves access to a variety of settings, promoting inclusion and enabling users to navigate spaces previously inaccessible.

Impact Statement:

By enabling a more active lifestyle, this NDIS support item directly contributes to the well-being and social integration of participants.

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Wheelchair - Powered Base - Portable/Folding | 05_122306824_0105_1_2