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Wheelchair or Scooter - Battery or Charger | 05_501224310_0105_1_2

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Providing essential maintenance of mobility aids, this NDIS support item ensures consistent functionality and independence.

Service Details:

The Wheelchair or Scooter - Battery or Charger service offers replacement and repair of power sources for electric wheelchairs and scooters. It includes assessment of battery health, provision of compatible charging equipment, and advice on maintaining optimal performance. Technicians assist with installing new batteries or chargers and ensure that participants understand usage protocols to maximise longevity and safety.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from uninterrupted mobility and autonomy, enhancing community participation. Access to reliable wheelchair or scooter power sources mitigates the risk of unexpected equipment failure. It empowers participants by reducing the anxiety associated with immobility and offers the freedom to engage in daily activities confidently.

Impact Statement:

This support item solidifies an individual’s ability to navigate their environment independently, fostering self-reliance and active community involvement.

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Wheelchair or Scooter - Battery or Charger | 05_501224310_0105_1_2