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Wheelchair - Manual - Rigid Frame | 05_122203911_0105_1_2

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The Manual Rigid Frame Wheelchair provides stability and personal mobility to NDIS participants.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses provision, fitting, and adjustment of a manual wheelchair with a rigid frame. Unlike folding models, rigid frame wheelchairs offer increased durability and responsiveness. These wheelchairs are customisable to meet individual participant's needs, including size, seating requirements, and terrain adaptations. Adequate training on safe and efficient wheelchair use is typically included.

Participant Outcomes:

Investment in a rigid frame wheelchair aids participants in achieving greater independence and participation in community life. Users experience enhanced maneuverability and energy conservation due to the chair's fixed frame. Additionally, user comfort and posture support are significantly improved, directly contributing to enhanced daily living activities and social interactions.

Impact Statement:

A rigid frame wheelchair is pivotal in enhancing participant mobility, fostering independence, and improving overall life quality.

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Wheelchair - Manual - Rigid Frame | 05_122203911_0105_1_2