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Wheelchair - Manual - Folding - Custom Made | 05_122203821_0105_1_2

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Customise daily mobility with a manual, folding, bespoke wheelchair designed for ease of use and transport.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item entails a custom-fabricated wheelchair, prioritising individual ergonomic needs. The manual propulsion system offers autonomy, while the folding mechanism ensures the wheelchair is compact for storage and transportation. Precision engineering allows for specific adjustments in seat dimensions, backrest angles, and cushion support according to the participant's body type and mobility requirements, guaranteeing a tailored fit.

Participant Outcomes:

By investing in this personalised mobility aid, participants gain improved physical comfort and posture management. The independence afforded by a wheelchair specifically constructed for the user enhances accessibility in various environments and boosts confidence in daily activities. Consistent usage leads to better long-term health outcomes and a heightened sense of personal autonomy.

Impact Statement:

A custom-made, folding manual wheelchair significantly elevates a participant's mobility, independence, and quality of life.

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Wheelchair - Manual - Folding - Custom Made | 05_122203821_0105_1_2