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Wheelchair - Manual - Folding – Basic | 05_122203811_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item addresses mobility for participants requiring a basic manual folding wheelchair.

Service Details:

The provision includes a standard manual wheelchair that is foldable for ease of transportation and storage. The lightweight frame and user-friendly design promote autonomy and minimise dependency. Wheelchairs are selected to meet the unique physical needs of each participant, ensuring proper fit and comfort. Routine maintenance tips are provided to extend service life.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants enjoy enhanced mobility, accessibility, and participation in community activities. Independence increases as the wheelchair supports various daily tasks. It also offers the psychological benefit of increased empowerment and societal inclusion. Personalised fittings and adjustments maximise comfort, thereby improving user experience and overall satisfaction.

Impact Statement:

A basic folding manual wheelchair significantly improves participants' quality of life by providing reliable and efficient mobility solutions that foster independence and engagement in daily life.

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Wheelchair - Manual - Folding – Basic | 05_122203811_0105_1_2