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Wheelchair Accessory - Power-Assist Drive Technology | 05_122409871_0105_1_2

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Power-Assist Drive Technology enhances mobility for wheelchair users with limited strength.

Service Details:

Power-assist wheels can be added to manual wheelchairs, significantly reducing the effort required to propel the chair. These accessories are compatible with most wheelchair models and are designed to be user-friendly. Installation and maintenance of power-assist technology are straightforward, with training provided to ensure ease of use. Participants must consult with their plan managers to ensure compatibility and coverage under their NDIS plan.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants experience increased independence, with the ability to travel longer distances with less fatigue. The technology supports greater participation in community activities and improves quality of life by augmenting the user's mobility. It equally helps in reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries induced by manual wheeling.

Impact Statement:

Power-Assist Drive Technology transforming lives with the gift of effortless movement, fostering autonomy and community engagement.

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Wheelchair Accessory - Power-Assist Drive Technology | 05_122409871_0105_1_2