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Wheelchair Accessory - Health-Related AT/Ventilator Carrier | 05_122442871_0105_1_2

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The Ventilator Carrier is a critical wheelchair accessory facilitating mobile respiratory support with ease and safety.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item is tailored for individuals requiring constant respiratory assistance. The ventilator carrier is an adaptive wheelchair attachment, designed to securely hold various models of medical ventilators. It is constructed with durability and the user's daily mobility in mind, ensuring compatibility with most wheelchair types. This accessory optimises the wheelchair for safe and convenient transport of essential health equipment, thus granting participants enhanced autonomy in their movements.

Participant Outcomes:

With this accessory, participants experience significant improvements in mobility and independence. The secure attachment allows for smoother navigation of spaces, increasing the participants’ ability to engage with their community. It supports their physiological needs discreetly and efficiently, markedly improving their quality of life and fostering greater social inclusion.

Impact Statement:

The ventilator carrier exemplifies empowerment, transforming wheelchairs into lifelines of active participation for individuals with respiratory conditions.

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Wheelchair Accessory - Health-Related AT/Ventilator Carrier | 05_122442871_0105_1_2