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Washable Incontinence Pants For Adults | 03_093036132_0103_1_1

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Enhance the dignity and comfort for NDIS participants with high-quality, washable incontinence pants.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides adults facing incontinence with reusable, washable pants designed for discretion and absorption. Crafted from skin-friendly materials, these pants offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Available in various sizes and absorbency levels, they cater to diverse needs, ensuring a secure fit and all-day protection.

Participant Outcomes:

By using these incontinence pants, participants gain increased independence and self-confidence in social situations, reducing the anxiety associated with incontinence. The pants enable active participation in community events, work, and recreational activities, fostering social inclusivity and enhancing the quality of life.

Impact Statement:

The availability of washable incontinence pants substantially improves daily living experiences for NDIS participants, promoting autonomy and sustainability while minimising long-term costs and environmental impact.

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Washable Incontinence Pants For Adults | 03_093036132_0103_1_1