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Vision - Electronic Video Magnifier | 05_220318811_0113_1_2

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A cutting-edge electronic aid, enhancing text and images for those with visual impairments.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides an electronic video magnifier designed to significantly enhance the clarity of text and images for individuals with vision impairment. It features adjustable magnification levels, high-contrast modes, and portability which enables usage across various settings like home, work, or during travel. Its intuitive interface allows for easy operation and can accommodate a range of magnification needs.

Participant Outcomes:

By using the Electronic Video Magnifier, NDIS participants can experience improved independence in daily tasks, such as reading mail, reviewing documents, or enjoying photographs. It empowers participants by reducing the need for assistance and fosters an increase in educational and vocational engagement. Moreover, it contributes to enhanced overall well-being by promoting greater access to visual information.

Impact Statement:

By improving visual accessibility, the Electronic Video Magnifier is pivotal to the autonomy and quality of life for those with visual limitations.

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Vision - Electronic Video Magnifier | 05_220318811_0113_1_2