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Vision - Alternate format Printer | 05_223906811_0113_1_2

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Custom printing solutions for participants with visual impairment.

Service Details:

The Vision - Alternate Format Printer support item provides specialised printing services to meet the diverse needs of NDIS participants with vision impairment. This service includes the conversion of printed material into alternate formats such as large print, Braille, audio or electronic text, ensuring accessibility and equivalent information access. Its tailored approach accounts for individual preferences and requirements, facilitating both educational and everyday information consumption.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from enhanced information accessibility, promoting independence in learning and daily activities. The alternate formats foster inclusion and empower users by making personal development and communication materials more accessible. These customised solutions expand educational and employment opportunities, contributing to improved quality of life and community engagement.

Impact Statement:

Empowers visually impaired NDIS participants with equitable access to printed information, bolstering autonomy and social inclusion.

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Vision - Alternate format Printer | 05_223906811_0113_1_2