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Ventilators - Invasive Ventilation for Continuous Use | 05_040312811_0103_1_1

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This NDIS support item facilitates essential respiratory assistance for daily living.

Service Details:

Invasive Ventilation for Continuous Use under NDIS involves long-term mechanical support for participants requiring ventilatory assistance due to severe respiratory conditions. It ensures the provision of ventilators designed for sustained, round-the-clock use, with necessary accessories and consumables to ensure optimal operation and hygiene. This service is typically provided alongside professional training for participants and carers, ensuring safe and effective use.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved respiratory function, enabling greater participation in daily activities and community engagement. The support enhances autonomy, mitigates respiratory distress, and can significantly improve the quality of life for those with chronic respiratory failure. Additionally, it alleviates the workload of caregivers, providing peace of mind through reliable respiratory support.

Impact Statement:

Persistent respiratory care improves health outcomes and fosters independence for NDIS participants with critical respiratory needs.

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Ventilators - Invasive Ventilation for Continuous Use | 05_040312811_0103_1_1