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Vehicle Modification - For Seating and/or Seat Belts | 05_121209821_0109_1_2

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This NDIS support item pertains to modifications for vehicle seating and safety restraints.

Service Details:

Key to the NDIS support program, this provision caters to customising vehicles with specialised seating and/or seat belts. These modifications ensure secure transport for participants with disabilities, tailored to individual needs. Services range from minor adjustments to complete overhauls, incorporating ergonomically designed seats and tailored restraint systems that cater to the user’s unique physical requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

Enhanced by this support, participants experience greater independence and safety during travel. This enables social participation, facilitates access to community services, and increases overall mobility. The adaptations aid in pain reduction, minimising the risks of injury, and ensure a comfortable travel experience tailored to the physical needs of the participant.

Impact Statement:

Substantially improving quality of life, this NDIS support item ensures safer, more accessible transportation for people with disabilities.

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Vehicle Modification - For Seating and/or Seat Belts | 05_121209821_0109_1_2