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Vehicle Modification - Engineers Certification | 05_121290111_0109_1_2

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Engineers Certification ensures vehicle modifications align with safety and compliance standards, enabling mobility and autonomy for participants.

Service Details:

This support item caters to participants requiring vehicle modifications, covering professional certification by an engineer. It includes assessments, detailed reports, and safety assurance. The focus is on modifications for accessibility, such as wheelchair lifts, hand controls, and custom seating solutions. It requires an engineer’s expertise to certify that alterations meet Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and relevant state or territory legislation.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain greater independence in transportation, with modifications personalised to their mobility needs. Certified engineering ensures the vehicle remains roadworthy and compliant, enhancing participants' confidence and societal participation. It addresses barriers to mobility, fostering autonomy and empowering participants to engage more freely in their communities.

Impact Statement:

Certified vehicle modifications dismantle transport barriers, providing participants a safer, customised pathway to independent travel and community involvement.

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Vehicle Modification - Engineers Certification  | 05_121290111_0109_1_2