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Transport | 02_051_0108_1_1

Unit Price = $1
Unit: Annual


NDIS support item 02_051_0108_1_1  allows a participant to pay a provider to transport them to an activity. This could include an activity that is not itself a support – or to a support that is delivered by another provider. This enables the participant to travel to and from appointments or their place of work.

Service Details:

02_051_0108_1_1 | Transport provides funding for supports that facilitate an NDIS participant's access to community events, social outings, and educational activities. This can include the procuring of personal support workers who assist during various community-related activities. 02_051_0108_1_1 specifically caters to empowering individuals through the development of social skills, the provision of opportunities for community involvement, and promoting a sense of belonging

A Provider has agreed to deliver 02_051_0108_1_1 to a participant at a cost of $400. The relevant support item (02_051_0108_1_1 | Transport) is not subject to a price limit but has a “notional” unit price of $1.00. The provider would submit a payment request for 400 units at $1.00 a unit for a total amount of $400.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants are equipped with the resources to build and maintain friendships, connect with community groups, and participate in recreational activities. The 02_051_0108_1_1 support fosters independence, confidence, and socio-emotional development. 02_051_0108_1_1 increases their community engagement, participants can significantly enhance their life skills and general well-being.

Impact Statement:

Participants achieve a more inclusive and active community life, promoting overall life satisfaction and social integration.

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Transport | 02_051_0108_1_1