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Transfer AT - Sling Standard | 05_123621111_0105_1_2

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A pivotal NDIS support item facilitating safe participant transfers using a standard sling.

Service Details:

The Transfer AT (Assistive Technology) - Sling Standard service encompasses the provision of a basic, yet robust, transfer support sling. It is specifically designed to aid individuals with mobility challenges by providing a secure and comfortable means of transfer between different locations or positions. These standard slings are compatible with numerous hoisting devices, ensuring a versatile fit for diverse user needs.

Participant Outcomes:

This service ensures enhanced safety and reduces the risk of injury during transfers for participants. It also promotes user dignity and independence by facilitating smoother, more comfortable movements. By enabling easier transfers, it significantly enhances the quality of life for users, allowing them to engage more readily in daily and communal activities.

Impact Statement:

The introduction of the Sling Standard support item under the NDIS dramatically improves mobility, autonomy, and overall life participation for individuals requiring transfer assistance.

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Transfer AT - Sling Standard | 05_123621111_0105_1_2