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Transfer AT - Mobile Hoist including Slings (x2) | 05_123603811_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides essential mobility assistance through a mobile hoist and slings setup.

Service Details:

Key to enhancing participant autonomy, the mobile hoist ensures secure and comfortable transfers for persons with significant physical disabilities. The inclusion of slings accommodates various support needs, with tailored designs to ensure safety and minimise discomfort during transfers between beds, chairs, or other surfaces. The hoist's portability is a pivotal feature, affording versatility and facilitating movement across different environments.

Participant Outcomes:

Engagement with this support item predominantly leads to amplified personal independence and safeguards health by mitigating injury risks for both participants and carers. The user experiences a dignified transfer process, fosteringatheir confidence and promoting participation in daily activities. Regular use of the suitably equipped hoist and slings improves the quality of life through ease of mobility.

Impact Statement:

Adopting this equipment revolutionises care routines, uplifting the participants’ sense of well-being and autonomy.

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Transfer AT - Mobile Hoist including Slings (x2) | 05_123603811_0105_1_2