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Telephone Or Video Interpreting | 03_091_0121_1_1

Unit: Hour


This NDIS support item enables communication for non-English speakers via telephone or video interpreting services.

Service Details:

The Telephone Or Video Interpreting service is vital for participants requiring translation to engage with providers. It's accessible nationwide, providing real-time linguistic support through qualified interpreters across various languages and dialects. The service facilitates appointments, planning meetings, and essential discussions, ensuring clear understanding and thorough engagement in the participant's preferred language.

Participant Outcomes:

By accessing this service, participants can better advocate for their needs, participate actively in their community, and make informed decisions concerning their care. It breaks down language barriers, empowering users to manage their plans effectively and broaden their social and professional interactions without the hindrance of language difficulties.

Impact Statement:

Ensuring equitable access, the Telephone Or Video Interpreting service profoundly enhances inclusivity, fostering autonomy and confidence within culturally diverse NDIS participants.

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Telephone Or Video Interpreting | 03_091_0121_1_1