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Stroller/Pram/Buggy/Push Chair with Supportive Seating | 05_122707831_0105_1_2

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A specialised mobility solution designed to aid children with additional support needs.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides a customised stroller/pram/buggy/push chair tailored for children requiring extra postural support. Equipped with features such as adjustable seating, supportive headrests, and secure harnesses, the device ensures safety and comfort. Its design caters to various size and support requirements, facilitating ease of transport and mobility across different environments.

Participant Outcomes:

Through the use of this support item, participants experience enhanced mobility, participatory inclusiveness, and greater independence. It promotes physical comfort and wellbeing by providing necessary support, mitigating the risk of postural deformities. Active engagement in family and community activities is encouraged, contributing to the child’s social and developmental progress.

Impact Statement:

The support item transforms daily mobility, offering dignified, comfortable access to broader life experiences for children with disabilities.

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Stroller/Pram/Buggy/Push Chair with Supportive Seating | 05_122707831_0105_1_2