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Standing Frame - Supports for Standing | 05_044839811_0103_1_2

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The NDIS provides support for standing frames, a vital piece of equipment enabling position support and mobility.

Service Details:

Standing frames, categorised under the NDIS as '05_044839811_0103_1_2', are assistive technology devices designed for participants requiring support to stand. These tailored frames assist in weight bearing, and are crucial for users with limited motor functions. The NDIS covers various standing frame designs, ensuring a match for individual needs and goals.

Participant Outcomes:

Utilising a standing frame enhances circulation, bone density, and muscular development. Participants gain increased independence and an improved ability to perform daily tasks. This fosters a sense of empowerment and contributes to social engagement, as standing frames can facilitate face-to-face interaction at eye level with peers.

Impact Statement:

Standing frames significantly enhance participant quality of life, promoting physical health and social inclusion in line with NDIS objectives.

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Standing Frame - Supports for Standing | 05_044839811_0103_1_2