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Standing and/or Walking Frame - Child | 05_120603831_0103_1_2

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Enhance mobility for children with developmental delays using a Standing and/or Walking Frame.

Service Details:

This support item provides paediatric standing and walking frames, designed to assist children with mobility impairments. It includes the provision, initial setup, and necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, safety, and comfort. The equipment is tailored to aid children in developing weight-bearing skills and promote an upright posture, facilitating movement within their environment while being supported appropriately.

Participant Outcomes:

Equip participants with means to explore and interact with their surroundings, encouraging independence. It improves muscular development and strength, cognitive awareness, and social interaction opportunities. Additionally, it supports therapeutic goals such as reducing contractures and increasing endurance through active participation in daily activities, contributing to a better quality of life.

Impact Statement:

A Standing and/or Walking Frame substantively uplifts a child's ability to engage with the world, fostering autonomy and enhanced physical health.

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Standing and/or Walking Frame - Child | 05_120603831_0103_1_2