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STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) - 1:4 - Saturday | 01_051_0115_1_1

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Short-Term Accommodation, including respite, facilitates periodic support for NDIS participants on Saturdays in a 1:4 staffing ratio.

Service Details:

Short-Term Accommodation (STA) provides a temporary living arrangement for participants requiring a break or emergency care, primarily on weekends. This NDIS support item ensures a structured and safe environment with professional care staff available at a 1:4 staff-to-participant ratio. Services are tailored for Saturdays, catering to the specific need for respite during weekends, which is often the most crucial time for carers to rejuvenate.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants experience enhanced social interaction, skill development and a change of routine, contributing positively to their mental and emotional well-being. It offers participants the opportunity to engage with peers and partake in community activities, promoting independence and inclusion. Respite also presents primary caregivers with substantial relief, fostering familial stability.

Impact Statement:

This support item vitalises participant resilience and community engagement while giving carers essential rest, thereby benefiting the broader support network.

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Providers can only claim from a participant’s plan for a Short Notice Cancellation of the delivery of a support item to the participant if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits indicates that providers can claim for Short Notice Cancellations in respect of that support item; and
  • The proposed charges for the activities comply with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits; and
  • The provider has the agreement of the participant in advance (that is, the service agreement between the participant and provider should specify that Short Notice Cancellations can be
    claimed); and
  • The provider was not able to find alternative billable work for the relevant worker and are required to pay the worker for the time that would have been spent providing the support.

Claims for a short notice cancellation should be made using the same support item as would have been used if the support had been delivered, using the “Cancellation” option in the myplace portal.

There is no hard limit on the number of short notice cancellations (or no shows) for which a provider can claim in respect of a participant. However, providers have a duty of care to their participants and if a participant has an unusual number of cancellations, then the provider should seek to understand why they are occurring.

The NDIA will monitor claims for cancellations and may contact providers who have a participant with an unusual number of cancellations.

STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) - 1:4 - Saturday | 01_051_0115_1_1