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Specialised Transport To School/Educational Facility/Employment/Community | 02_050_0108_1_1

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Unit: Daily


This support item facilitates tailored transport solutions for participants accessing education, employment, and community engagement.

Service Details:

The NDIS provides specialised transport aid, ensuring secure and reliable conveyance for participants to essential services. It encompasses tailored arrangements to accommodate the individual needs of participants, including those with physical disabilities or mobility challenges. This support includes vehicles adapted for wheelchair access and escorts where necessary, managed by experienced providers understanding the unique requirements for safe and comfortable transit.

Participant Outcomes:

By using this service, participants can maintain and improve their educational and employment opportunities, promoting independence and social participation. It enhances access to community events and activities, fostering inclusivity. This service empowers individuals, contributing to their skill development, confidence building, and overall educational or vocational success.

Impact Statement:

Specialised transport profoundly enhances daily living for NDIS participants, underpinning their educational, employment, and social inclusion goals.

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Specialised Transport To School/Educational Facility/Employment/Community | 02_050_0108_1_1