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Specialised Seating with Sit-Stand Assistance | 05_180909811_0103_1_2

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This support item provides custom seating solutions with sit-to-stand mechanisms.

Service Details:

Specialised Seating with Sit-Stand Assistance ensures customised comfort and independence for NDIS participants requiring mobility support. Incorporating innovative technology, this item includes seating systems which aid users in effortlessly transitioning from sitting to standing positions. It involves professional assessment and the provision of seating that is tailored to individual needs, ensuring optimal ergonomic support, pressure relief, and enhanced user engagement. Detailed assessment by occupational therapists typically precedes the fitting and customisation process, ensuring that the equipment meets the user's specific postural and mobility requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

Adopting this support item enhances users' daily function, promoting autonomy and reducing the risk of sedentary lifestyle complications. It fosters greater participation in social, educational, and vocational activities, heightening overall quality of life. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining skin integrity by alleviating pressure points and boosting circulatory health through active positioning.

Impact Statement:

Supportive seating promotes user dignity, inclusivity and functional independence, transforming lives of those with mobility challenges.

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Specialised Seating with Sit-Stand Assistance | 05_180909811_0103_1_2