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Single-Use Inserts/Pads - Adult 3/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093018070_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This support item supplies adults with three single-use inserts or pads daily for a year.

Service Details:

The NDIS allocates funding for these essential continence aids to bolster the dignity and independence of participants. These high-absorbency products are tailored to meet individual needs, enhancing daily comfort. Reliable supply chain management ensures consistent access to these crucial items, reducing stress and improving the quality of life.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from a steady provision that minimises disruption to their routine. The psychological comfort of knowing one’s continence needs are discreetly managed fosters greater social engagement and participation in community activities. It eliminates a significant barrier to inclusion.

Impact Statement:

By offering annual supplies of these critical items, the NDIS supports participants in leading more confident, active, and socially inclusive lives.

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Single-Use Inserts/Pads - Adult 3/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093018070_0103_1_1