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Single-Use Inserts/Pads - Adult 12/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093018073_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This NDIS support item provides a yearly supply of adult single-use inserts/pads.

Service Details:

Tailored for individuals with significant continence needs, this support includes 12 daily disposable inserts or pads. It ensures participants have sufficient stock for effective continence management throughout the year. The product range accommodates various body types and absorbency levels, promoting comfort and hygiene. These dermatologically tested items help to minimise skin issues and offer discreet protection.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients of this supply maintain dignity, societal participation, and an enhanced quality of life through reliable continence care. It reduces the risk of health complications related to incontinence. The convenience of an annual supply cuts down recurring ordering time, enabling participants to focus on other areas of personal development and community engagement.

Impact Statement:

Easy access to essential continence products significantly boosts participants' confidence and independence, fostering self-esteem and enabling active community involvement.

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Single-Use Inserts/Pads - Adult 12/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093018073_0103_1_1