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SDA Vacancy - Person-Specific Adjustment | 06_432_0131_2_2

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Tailored accommodation solutions underpin this NDIS support item, enhancing living environments for participants with complex needs.

Service Details:

This support item is designed for NDIS participants requiring unique modifications to their Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Adjustments are person-centred, ensuring modifications align with individual requirements and preferences. Implementation ranges from structural changes to the installation of assistive technologies, fostering accessibility and safety within the home.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries gain immensely, achieving a higher degree of independence and personal comfort. Modified environments promote engagement with daily activities and community participation. This leads to an enriched quality of life, fostering autonomy and self-reliance in a secure, personalised living space.

Impact Statement:

Through person-specific adjustments, NDIS participants experience a transformative enhancement of their living conditions, directly contributing to their overall well-being and societal integration.

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SDA Vacancy - Person-Specific Adjustment | 06_432_0131_2_2