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Scooter - Small Folding/Travel Light-Weight | 05_122303991_0105_1_2

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Enhance mobility with the NDIS Folding/Travel Light-Weight Scooter, a versatile solution for various transportation needs.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item offers a portable scooter designed for individuals with mobility challenges. It's compact and foldable, facilitating easy transportation and storage. This electric-powered scooter provides a convenient option for indoor and outdoor use, being capable of navigating through different terrains. It features safety elements like non-slip surfaces and is equipped with user-friendly controls.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients of this scooter gain independence in daily travel, leading to enhanced social participation and autonomy. It supports an active lifestyle and increases access to community activities. Usage of the scooter can reduce reliance on caregivers, contributing to a sense of empowerment and improved mental well-being through increased social interactions and physical activity.

Impact Statement:

Aiding mobility, the scooter significantly enriches the quality of life, fostering greater self-reliance and community engagement for participants.

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Scooter - Small Folding/Travel Light-Weight | 05_122303991_0105_1_2