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Scooter - Indoor/Outdoor use | 05_122303811_0105_1_2

Unit: Each
Overview: A versatile mobility aid designed to enhance independence for NDIS participants. Service Details: This NDIS support item provides a robust scooter suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring participants can navigate spaces with ease. Equipped with features for safety and comfort, the scooter is tailored to individual mobility needs. The product's durability and reliability are underscored by a comprehensive service plan that includes maintenance and training on safe operation. Participant Outcomes: Participants benefit from increased mobility, allowing for greater social participation and access to community activities. With the scooter’s flexible design, users experience enhanced autonomy in a variety of settings, promoting confidence and well-being. The item serves as a significant step towards achieving personal goals related to independent living and community involvement. Impact Statement: Significantly empowers NDIS participants, fostering independence and community engagement through improved mobility.
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Scooter - Indoor/Outdoor use | 05_122303811_0105_1_2