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School Leaver Employment Supports | 10_021_0102_5_3

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NDIS support item 10_021_0102_5_3 are capacity building supports for students transitioning from school to employment. They are available during the final months at school and continue post school exit. These supports are designed to plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focussing on capacity building for goal achievement. With appropriate supports, it is expected that the majority of School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) participants will transition to the Disability Employment Service (DES) to undertake the job seeking, placement and post placement support phases of their pathway.

These supports will have an individualised approach, with a strong emphasis on “try and test” work experience opportunities, (generally in workplaces that would pay award wages). Capacity building should focus on hard and soft skill development.

Supports, more generally, should facilitate positive experiences that contribute to developing an understanding of work capability and confidence to step into employment. SLES should also help inform the level and nature of future supports needed to obtain and sustain employment.

Where a support item does not have a price limit then the provider and participant should agree on the reasonable price for the support. If necessary, they should also agree on the billing schedule for the support. For example, they might agree that a support should be claimed weekly. These claims are subject to the general claiming rules, including that, in general, supports can only be claimed for after they have been delivered.

Service Details:

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are designed to build capacity and provide meaningful pathways for school leavers with disabilities. This support includes job skills training, work experience placements, and career advice to ease the shift from the educational environment to employment. Support is tailored to individual needs, focusing on identifying employment goals and developing a plan to achieve them.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain essential workplace competencies, increased independence, and confidence in their employment journey. The program nurtures participants' aspirations and offers practical steps towards their vocational objectives. By enhancing employability, SLES improves access to diverse job opportunities, fostering social inclusion and economic participation in the community.

Impact Statement:

SLES significantly bolsters participants' prospects for sustainable employment, enabling a smoother transition to a fulfilling post-school life.

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School Leaver Employment Supports | 10_021_0102_5_3