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Safety Device - Adapted Smoke Detector/Doorbells | 05_222909111_0123_1_2

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Support equipment ensuring safety and independence for participants with sensory impairments.

Service Details:

The adapted smoke detectors and doorbells are customisable systems designed to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with hearing or visual impairments. These devices are integrated with strobe lighting or vibration alerts to ensure that alerts are noticeable in multiple sensory modalities. They can be installed in participant’s homes, offering a level of adaptability that complements existing safety measures while promoting autonomy.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants can anticipate a significant increase in personal safety and a reduced reliance on others for hazard notifications. These enhancements increase the capability of individuals to respond to critical situations independently. They are instrumental in fostering greater confidence within one’s living environment, contributing significantly to an improved sense of wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Impact Statement:

Transformative support fostering peace of mind and resilient independence in daily living.

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Safety Device - Adapted Smoke Detector/Doorbells | 05_222909111_0123_1_2