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Rollator - Standard - Child | 05_120606831_0105_1_2

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This essential mobility support assists children with walking difficulties to navigate their environment safely.

Service Details:

The Child Standard Rollator is an adjustable, lightweight frame with wheels, designed for stability and ease of movement. Equipped with ergonomic handles and brakes, it caters specifically for the physical capabilities of a child. This device allows for both indoor and outdoor use, with features prioritising durability and maneuverability. Its adjustability ensures it grows with the child, providing a long-term mobility solution.

Participant Outcomes:

The outcomes for participants include increased independence in mobility and daily living activities. The support item encourages participation in social and educational settings, promoting self-esteem and cognitive development. It assists in the prevention of falls, aiding physical health and well-being, while fostering the development of motor skills in a secure manner.

Impact Statement:

A Standard Rollator profoundly augments a child's autonomy, enhancing quality of life through improved accessibility and inclusion.

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Rollator - Standard - Child | 05_120606831_0105_1_2