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Rollator - Standard | 05_120606097_0105_1_2

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A standard rollator enhances mobility for NDIS participants requiring walking assistance.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item offers a user-friendly, four-wheeled walking frame designed to support individuals with mobility challenges. The standard rollator is equipped with easy-grip handles, a sturdy frame, and lockable brakes ensuring safety and stability. It typically includes a built-in seat and storage basket, promoting independence during various activities and errands.

Participant Outcomes:

Through the use of a standard rollator, participants can expect improved balance, reduced risk of falls, and greater confidence in movement. The rollator facilitates participation in community activities, supports endurance building and enables continued engagement in personal interests and hobbies that require mobility.

Impact Statement:

The rollator significantly enhances participants' daily living quality by fostering autonomy and active participation in community life.

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Rollator - Standard | 05_120606097_0105_1_2