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Repairs and Maintenance - Wheeled Mobility Major | 05_501200308_0105_1_2

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Keep mobility aids in top condition with Wheeled Mobility Major Repairs and Maintenance.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item covers extensive repairs or required maintenance to ensure the longevity and safety of wheelchairs, both manual and motorised. It includes replacing major components like wheels, brakes, and control mechanisms that are beyond simple wear and tear repairs. Additionally, this item may involve servicing frameworks, electronic systems, and seating adjustments to accommodate changes in the user's physical condition or to enhance comfort levels.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries experience improved personal mobility, enabling greater independence in daily activities. This service ensures mobility aids function efficiently and safely, reducing risks of injury. It also adapts equipment to evolving participant needs, supporting their continual engagement with community, work, and leisure pursuits.

Impact Statement:

This service notably enhances the quality of life by maintaining the reliability of essential mobility aids.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Wheeled Mobility Major | 05_501200308_0105_1_2