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Repairs and Maintenance - Vision AT | 05_502218315_0113_1_2

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This NDIS support item facilitates maintenance of vision assistive technology.

Service Details:

Repairs and Maintenance - Vision AT, under NDIS category 05_502218315_0113_1_2, caters specifically to the upkeep of vision-related assistive devices. This includes routine servicing, repairs due to wear and tear, or unforeseen damages that impede the daily functioning of a participant. Assistance encompasses both the emergency and scheduled maintenance of products like magnifiers, braille displays, and electronic visual aids, ensuring the technology remains functional, current, and supportive of the participants' vision impairment needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased independence and improved quality of life through uninterrupted access to assistive vision technology. Regular maintenance ensures reliability, enhancing participants’ ability to perform daily tasks, engage in community activities, and maintain employment with confidence. It directly supports educational and recreational pursuits by enabling ongoing, barrier-free interaction with the visual aspects of the world.

Impact Statement:

Reliable vision support technology fosters participant empowerment and societal participation.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Vision AT | 05_502218315_0113_1_2