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Repairs and Maintenance - Transfer AT | 05_501236025_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item facilitates repair and maintenance of assistive transfer equipment.

Service Details:

The Repairs and Maintenance - Transfer AT service is essential for ensuring that any specialised equipment used to assist with transfers remains safe and functional. This support covers labour, the cost of parts, and call-out fees associated with the repair of devices such as hoists and transfer aids. Expert technicians assess and service equipment to manufacturer standards, minimising downtime and ensuring continuity of care.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from maximised independence and reduced risk of injury. Regular maintenance ensures reliability, longevity of equipment, and peace of mind for users. This service plays a crucial role in supporting NDIS participants in their daily living activities, empowering them to live more confidently and comfortably.

Impact Statement:

Effective upkeep of transfer aids significantly enhances quality of life for NDIS participants, fostering greater autonomy and ensuring safety in everyday movements.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Transfer AT | 05_501236025_0105_1_2