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Repairs and Maintenance - Specialised Recreation AT | 05_503000316_0112_1_2

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Essential maintenance for specialised recreational assistive technology, ensuring safety and enjoyment in leisure activities.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item addresses the need for regular upkeep and repair of specialised recreational assistive technologies (AT). It encompasses servicing of customised equipment designed for individual leisure pursuits, ensuring they are safe, functional, and match the users' requirements. The service includes professional assessment, repair works, and parts replacement as needed.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants can expect prolonged equipment lifespan, consistent reliability, and fewer activity interruptions which contribute to an improved recreational experience. Regular maintenance also means participants can confidently engage in their leisure activities, promoting independence and increasing opportunities for social interactions within their communities.

Impact Statement:

Effective upkeep of recreational AT underpins participant well-being, enhances community participation, and fosters a sense of inclusion in leisure-oriented social environments.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Specialised Recreation AT | 05_503000316_0112_1_2