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Repairs and Maintenance - Personal Care/Safety After-Hours | 05_500433443_0103_1_2

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Tailored for unexpected situations, this NDIS support item ensures after-hours repairs and maintenance of personal care and safety equipment.

Service Details:

Accessible outside standard business hours, the service prioritises swift restoration of equipment crucial for daily functioning, such as wheelchairs or home modification tools. Specialised technicians are on standby to handle urgent requests, mitigating risks and ensuring continuity of care and safety at all times. Funding covers labour and call-out fees for this critical support.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from peace of mind, knowing that assistance is readily available during evenings or weekends for their essential equipment. This support minimises disruptions in routine, enhances independence, and maintains the integrity of their living environment. Dependable equipment performance contributes directly to improved quality of life and empowerment.

Impact Statement:

This after-hours availability reflects the NDIS's commitment to unfaltering support, guaranteeing participant well-being and autonomy in any emergency.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Personal Care/Safety After-Hours | 05_500433443_0103_1_2