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Repairs and Maintenance - Other AT | 05_500000303_0103_1_2

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Ensure durability of Assistive Technologies for participant longevity and independence.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses the repairs and maintenance of a range of Assistive Technology (AT) not covered elsewhere. It involves professional services to repair, service, and ensure the functional reliability of devices essential for participants' daily activities. Damaged or worn ATs can compromise safety and independence, thus timely maintenance is crucial. Funding is allocated specifically to cover these costs without impacting other vital supports.

Participant Outcomes:

Regular maintenance under this item optimises AT performance, leading to sustained participation in community and social activities. This support fosters independence, facilitates mobility, enhances communication, and ensures participants’ living environments are adapted to their needs. The item aims to prevent disruptions in the functionality of AT, reducing risks and promoting confidence in daily use.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support enhances participants' self-reliance and ongoing engagement in chosen life pursuits.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Other AT | 05_500000303_0103_1_2