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Repairs and Maintenance – Mobility and Transfer - After-Hours | 05_501288435_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item pertains to after-hours repairs and maintenance for mobility and transfer aids.

Service Details:

Serving the critical need for functionality outside standard hours, this support item ensures no participant is left without vital mobility or transfer equipment due to unexpected malfunctions. The service includes prompt, professional after-hours assistance that focuses on repairing essential aides, such as wheelchairs, hoists, and walkers, which are instrumental for participant mobility and daily living activities.

Participant Outcomes:

Timely interventions facilitate continuous and unhindered access to vital mobility aids, reducing risk of injury and maintaining the independence of participants. Ensuring repair availability after hours significantly increases the reliability of support for individuals, contributing to their confidence and ability to engage in community activities and domestic routines without delay.

Impact Statement:

Quick and efficient after-hours repairs crucially bolster the autonomy of NDIS participants, promoting ongoing mobility and enabling active participation in daily life.

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Repairs and Maintenance – Mobility and Transfer - After-Hours | 05_501288435_0105_1_2