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Repairs and Maintenance - Hearing AT | 05_502206151_0122_1_2

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Essential upkeep for hearing devices that ensures optimal functionality and longevity for NDIS participants.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item covers professional services necessary to repair and maintain hearing AT. It includes cost of labor, replacement parts, and sometimes loan equipment during service periods. The support extends to various types of hearing technologies, embracing hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other auditory assistance devices. It is designed to ensure these crucial tools remain in excellent working condition, empowering participants with consistent and reliable hearing support.

Participant Outcomes:

Effective repairs and maintenance of hearing AT increase participant engagement in social scenarios, improve communication abilities, and enhance overall quality of life. Quick resolution of technical issues minimizes downtime, fostering independence and participation in diverse environments. It directly contributes to achieving personal goals, especially those related to social interaction and community inclusion.

Impact Statement:

Timely, high-quality maintenance secures uninterrupted auditory assistance, bolstering participant confidence and autonomy within the community.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Hearing AT | 05_502206151_0122_1_2