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Repairs and Maintenance - Electric Bed | 05_501812311_0103_1_2

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This NDIS support item covers the repair and maintenance of electric beds for participants.

Service Details:

The service encompasses diagnosing issues, performing repairs, and regular maintenance to ensure the optimal functioning of electric beds. Specialised technicians assess the electric bed’s condition, perform necessary adjustments, fix mechanical and electrical faults, and replace parts as required. Scheduled upkeep, aimed at prolonging the item's life and ensuring safety and comfort for the user, is also included.

Participant Outcomes:

Through this support, participants can expect enhanced quality of sleep and rest, reduction in the risk of pressure injuries, and improved overall daily living experience. Continuous maintenance supports the item's reliability and longevity, enabling participants to live more independently and with greater ease in their environment.

Impact Statement:

Timely repairs and systematic maintenance of these essential items significantly uplift participants' daily living standards and independence.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Electric Bed | 05_501812311_0103_1_2