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Ramp - portable for access needs | 05_183015811_0103_2_2

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A portable ramp enhances accessibility for NDIS participants with mobility challenges.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item involves providing a portable ramp designed for temporary or semi-permanent installation. It's tailored to assist participants who use wheelchairs or mobility aids, ensuring seamless access to various environments. Portable ramps are lightweight, durable, and customizable to suit individual requirements, offering flexibility in access to homes, vehicles, and public spaces.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased independence and safety when traversing different elevations. The ramp greatly reduces barriers to participation in community activities and promotes equal access to opportunities. By enabling ease of movement, this support tool empowers participants to confidently engage with their surroundings and maintain an active lifestyle.

Impact Statement:

The introduction of a portable ramp significantly improves quality of life, fostering autonomy and social inclusion for those with mobility restrictions.

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Ramp - portable for access needs | 05_183015811_0103_2_2