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Provider travel - non-labour costs | Specialised Hearing Services | Improved Daily Living Skills | 15_799_0119_1_3

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NDIS support item 15_799_0119_1_3 covers expenses incurred by NDIS service providers for traveling to deliver support services to participants for specialised hearing services using capacity building funding, excluding labor costs.

Service Details:

1. Eligible Costs:

    • Providers may incur additional costs like road tolls, parking fees, and vehicles running costs.

2. Negotiation with Participants:

    • Providers should discuss and agree upon reasonable contributions for these costs with participants.
    • Where a worker is travelling to provide services to more than one participant then the provider should split the non-labour travel costs (including the return journey) between the participants, with the agreement of each participant in advance.

3. Reimbursements Rates:

    • Vehicles owned by Provider or Worker: Up to $0.97 per kilometre.
    • Other Transport Costs: Full amount for public transport fares, road tolls, and parking fees.

4. Claiming Process:

    • Claims for non-labour costs must be seperate from the primary support claim.
    • These costs are claimable only when provider travel time is also claimable.
    • Use the specific '15_799_0119_1_3 | Provider travel - non-labour costs' support item in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

    Participant Outcomes:

    Participants benefit from broader access to services through support item 15_799_0119_1_3, as providers can afford to travel to where they live or other convenient locations. 15_799_0119_1_3 provision ensures participants in remote or less accessible areas receive consistent support, enhancing equity across the NDIS landscape. 15_799_0119_1_3 promotes increased service delivery flexibility and underpins participant-centric approaches in care.

    Impact Statement:

    The allocation for 15_799_0119_1_3 | Provider travel - non-labour costs underscores the NDIS's commitment to comprehensive and accessible participant support, removing geographical barriers to services.

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    Provider travel - non-labour costs | Specialised Hearing Services | Improved Daily Living Skills | 15_799_0119_1_3