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Provider travel - non-labour costs | Specialised Driver Training | 01_799_0129_1_1

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This NDIS support item covers travel non-labour costs for service providers.

Service Details:

1. Eligible Costs:

    • Providers may incur additional costs like road tolls, parking fees, and vehicles running costs.

2. Negotiation with Participants:

    • Providers should discuss and agree upon reasonable contributions for these costs with participants.
    • Where a worker is travelling to provide services to more than one participant then the provider should split the non-labour travel costs (including the return journey) between the participants, with the agreement of each participant in advance.

3. Reimbursements Rates:

    • Vehicles owned by Provider or Worker: Up to $0.97 per kilometre.
    • Other Transport Costs: Full amount for public transport fares, road tolls, and parking fees.

4. Claiming Process:

    • Claims for non-labour costs must be seperate from the primary support claim.
    • These costs are claimable only when provider travel time is also claimable.
    • Use the specific 'Provider Travel - Non- Labour Costs' support item in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

      Participant Outcomes:

      Participants benefit by gaining access to a wider range of providers who might otherwise be restricted by travel costs. This promotes equitable service delivery, optimising participant choice and control over the services they receive. It supports participants living in regional or remote areas by ensuring services remain available and sustainable.

      Impact Statement:

      Enhances service accessibility, contributing to equitable, wide-reaching support for individuals with disabilities.

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      Provider travel - non-labour costs | Specialised Driver Training | 01_799_0129_1_1