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Prosthesis - Transtibial or Lower | 05_062409121_0135_1_2

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This support item encompasses customised lower limb prosthetics, specifically for transtibial amputations.

Service Details:

The service involves precise measurement, design, and fitting of transtibial prosthetics to enhance mobility. It also includes crafting personalised sockets for optimal comfort and control, along with selecting suitable foot and ankle components that align with the user’s lifestyle and mobility goals. Professional consultations and ongoing adjustments are integral to ensure the perfect fit and function.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain improved ambulation capabilities, fostering greater independence in daily activities. They experience heightened comfort and reduced limb pain, thereby enhancing overall quality of life. The transtibial prosthetics are pivotal in facilitating rehabilitation goals and promoting the re-establishment of a positive body image and self-esteem post-amputation.

Impact Statement:

Profoundly improving participants' life quality, these prosthetics aid in reclaiming autonomy and active community participation.

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Prosthesis - Transtibial or Lower | 05_062409121_0135_1_2