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Prosthesis - Specialist Lower Limb For Sports | 05_062488121_0135_1_2

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Custom-engineered lower limb prosthesis for active individuals necessitating adaptive sports solutions.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses the provision of a specialist lower limb prosthesis, specifically designed for sporting activities. Inclusive of design, fitting, and ongoing adjustments, the prosthesis is tailored for durability, performance, and comfort during high-impact sporting endeavours. Expert prosthetists collaborate with participants to create a solution that aligns with their unique physical requirements and sporting objectives.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients experience enhanced mobility, enabling participation in sports at various competitive levels. The specialised prosthesis fosters improved balance, agility, and strength. Ultimately, users gain a sense of autonomy and the opportunity to re-engage with community sports, enhancing both mental and physical health while promoting an active lifestyle.

Impact Statement:

This prosthetic innovation empowers athletes with disabilities to pursue sporting excellence, fostering inclusion and equitability in sporting communities.

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Prosthesis - Specialist Lower Limb For Sports | 05_062488121_0135_1_2